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Fee Structure

  • LKG
    5,365/- INR
  • UKG
    5,220/- INR
  • I
    5,075/- INR
  • II
    4,930/- INR
  • III
    4,785/- INR
  • IV
    4,640/- INR
  • V
    4,495/- INR
  • VI
    4,350/- INR
  • VII
    4,495/- INR
  • VIII
    4,640/- INR
  • IX
    4,785/- INR
  • X
    4,930/- INR
  • XI
    5,075/- INR
  • XII
    5,220/- INR
  • Admission Fees
    8,990/- INR
  • Security Fees
    10,875/- INR
  • Admission Form
    145/- INR

Fees Policy

  • Information related to payment of fees
    • Bal Bharti School is a Cash free campus.
    • Fees is deposited through Online mode only using debit/ credit card or net banking.
    • The school does not collect any kind of Annual Charges or Funds.
    • Tuition Fee is the only charge collected by the school.
    • Fee is collected on monthly basis and the fee is payable by 15th of every month. There are no fines for late payment of fee, however parents are expected to pay the fee by the due date. In case of any exigencies or emergencies parents need to reach out to the school in writing with a genuine and logical reason on the school mail using the official mail ID of the parents provided by the school or on ERP. The school does not charge any fee for CBSE Registrations, Olympiads, Picnics, Functions, Workshops etc. from student.
    • In case of withdrawal, an advance notice of 28 days is mandatory else security will be forfeited.
    • Fees for the months of June and March are to be paid along with the fee of May & February months, respectively.